Wanted: digital creative

or internet strategist...

We are looking for 1 great person to join our team. Female/male.

Are you a digital creative / internet strategist?

  • You once had your own blog and started content experiments on social media
  • You make effective decisions based on Google Analytics & other real data
  • Drawing wireframes is easy
  • Your webcopy is fluid & full of humour
  • You build an interactive prototype once in a while
  • You don’t think outside the box, you are the box, of pandora. Full of weird ideas
  • The internet is your best friend, at least since 1994 when you browsed in Netscape
  • You think “startups” is a stupid buzzword just like Kardashian, Content Marketing or Gamification.

We offer you

  • 1 fulltime job in Leuven
  • 1 laptop
  • 1 smartphone
  • free wifi access
  • free tea & coffee

We are Wieni, an interactive production studio

  • Housing 15 web professionals of developers & designers
  • Building platform services like Tourmanagement.com, LivingConcert.com & Dammi.io
  • Breeding new ideas for VRT: Studio Brussel, Sporza, Ketnet,…
  • Working for multinationals like Coca-Cola & Panasonic
  • Following our interests like books & music: Triggerfinger, Boekenbeurs.be, Boek.be, Lannoo, …
  • Following our hearts: SOS Kinderdorpen, Vredeseilanden, Damiaanactie, Dokters van de Wereld, Gaia, Eva VZW, ...

Interested? Contact me:

Motivate, inspire, seduce: jelle@wieni.be

PS: We hire on integrity & motivation