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Enkele basisregels, Accessibility Insights, en de WCAG richtlijnen.

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Wieni A11Y Checklist

We don't have our own checklist, since many checklist can be found only. Most things should be common sense. However, here are some good practices:

  • Every page should at least pass the AA level for A11Y.
  • An element its :hover should also be its :focus. Additional styles can be added on :focus to improve the elements visibility.
  • A focusable element should have :focus styling. Never disable :focus styles.
  • Don’t use aria roles if you are not 100% sure what you’re doing. No aria labels are better than bad aria labels.
  • What happens when CSS is turned off? Does the website still make sense?
  • What happens when JS is turned off?
  • Test some of the features website (eg. creating an account, looking up a recipe, …) by only using the keyboard.
  • Check the page in high contrast mode.
  • Check the page in black and white (filter: grayscale(1); on the body).
  • Try browsing the website using a screenreader, (eg. voice over).

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